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SITUATION: Homeview is 25 km from Mitchell off the Warrego Highway via the Womalilla Access Road on an all weather road. 

AREA: Homeview is 5,077 acres, with Lot 9 and 10 all zoned freehold. PMAV is issued over the property. 

REMARKS: Homeview is well situated to the Warrego Highway, in a secure rainfall area. Soft native grasses and buffel is interspersed throughout the property.  An excellent opportunity for a starter block, or a base to educate the children or an additional piece of property. It has been in the one family for over 72 years.


4th October 2019

LOCATION:  ‘Rutland’ is located 3kms north east of Mitchell off  the Mitchell-Forest Vale Road, with bitumen      frontage.

FACILITIES & SERVICES:  Rural power (3 Phase), twice weekly mail service, telephone and Mobile coverage and school bus service. The majority of usual urban services including schooling to year 10 are available in Mitchell, with a school bus service to Year 11 & 12 and TAFE in Roma. There are twice weekly cattle sales in  Roma. Services are typical of the area and adequate to operate ‘Rutland’ to its highest potential. 

LAND AREA, TENURE & LOCAL GOVERNMENT: ‘Rutland’ is approx. 2725.52Ha (6,449 acres) in size, is Freehold in 27 titles.

Balance of good breeding and fattening country comprises an irregular shaped cattle property contained within 27 freehold title allotments. The holding is flat to undulating in topography with a general fall to Basalt Creek and natural watercourses which run throughout. Country types on ‘Rutland’ is very transitional ranging from sands mainly in the west to rich red soils originally timbered with Poplar Box, False Sandalwood, Wilga, Kurrajong, Belah, Ironbark and Brigalow clumps rising to ridges through the central south of the property.

‘Rutland’ is a well balanced versatile property with quick responding soils. Safe cattle country with an   excellent location just east of Mitchell on the northern side of the Warrego Highway and dissected by the Warrong Road. Most of the property has been cleared and cultivated in the past with most of this country  now well established to native or improved pastures. Structural improvements include renovated main homestead, established gardens, cottage, several sheds, silo and set of steel cattle yards.

PRICE $4,500,000

15 May 2019

LOCATION: ‘Ashling’ is located 138kms south of Mitchell and 200kms south-west of Roma via Muckadilla Dunkeld.

FACILITIES & SERVICES: Rural power, STD telephone and Satellite Broadband internet  services are connected. Twice weekly mail deliveries from Mitchell. A 700 meter airstrip is located at ‘Ashling’. The majority of usual urban services including schooling to year 10 are available in Mitchell. There are twice weekly cattle sales in Roma. Services are typical of the area and adequate to operate ‘Ashling’ to its highest potential.  

AREA & TENURE & COUNTRY:  ‘Ashling’ is approx. 20,747.772Ha (51,268.782 acres) in size, with the Stock Route consisting of 4,113.75 acres.

‘Ashling’ consists of predominantly red loam soils and originally timbered with Box, Sandalwood, Wilga, Mulga, Cypress Pine and Kurrajong.

Country has been established to buffel grass, with natural native grasses that include Low Mulga, Standing Mulga, Mulga Mitchell, Queensland Blue and Button Grass. Good herbage growing country with Crows Foot, Mulga Nettle, Lamb Tongue and Pigweed when winter rains are received.

In the last 2 months approx. 15,000 acres has been freshly pulled.

On ‘Ashling”  the vendor has been running approx. 1000 cows and replacement heifers since 2008. Could run sheep equivalent, or a mix of cattle and sheep.

‘Ashling’ is equally  suited  for cattle or sheep. Excellent structural improvements. Extremely well watered. featuring a highly credible artesian bore. Opportunity exists for further ongoing grass and pasture development to increase capacity.

Price: $3,700,000 - Bare


September 2018

The property Kandimulla was originally split from Bonus Downs station and balloted off for closer settlement in the 1960's for the running of Sheep and/or Cattle. At the time of issue of the lease, the property was identified as a "living area" running 5400 DSE and had an area of approximately 15,000 acres of the holding which trees had been previously destroyed.  The property was sold in 1980 to the family of the current owners, as a sheep grazing enterprise to diversify a family partnership with Grain and Cattle interests on the central highlands.


After dissolution of this partnership, the property transferred to Neville and Lainie Morris in 1987, the property is now run as a partnership between Lainie and her son, Kent.  Development in the 1980’s lifted the carrying capacity form 5400 DSE to 7000 DSE. In recent years, the focus has been on running a self replacing wool sheep enterprise and dry cattle with opportunity agistment of cattle when available.


Extensive water infrastructure has been installed in the last 5 years to ensure that Kandimulla is exceptionally safe country in variable seasons. The reserves of mulga, as well as the large areas of Non Remnat vegetation ensure that Kandimulla is a property that remains productive in all years. The incusion of the property inside the V Gate Collaborative Area Management Group, sees the property fully enclosed within a cluster with other landholders who are committed to controlling the impact of wild dogs. Candimulla is a property that offers versatile options for production in a wide variety of seasons.


Kandimulla has been held by the Morris family for 38 years, and is offered for reluctant sale to amicably dissolve a family partnership, and allow for the retirement of Lainie, and for Kent to persue other interests.

"Westwood" Mitchell - SOLD

7 February 2019

Great opportunity to invest in a established rural livestock property.


‘Westwood’ is located 18kms north of Mitchell and 106kms of Roma, on the Westwood Access Road – via Forest Vale Road, Mitchell. The  Forset Vale Road is an all-weather sealed road and Westwood Access Road is unsealed.

‘Westwood’ is approx. 3361.94ha (8304 acres) in size. Lot 7 DUB53113, Lot 9 DL44, Lot 281 DL268 and Lot 282 DL268 are all zoned as freehold. A PMAV has been issued over the property is registered on the titles.

‘Westwood’ consists of 1500 acres (18.06%) of red buffel and native grasses, 7000 acres (84.27%) of brigalow belah, 180 acres (2.17%) of established leucanena also inter rowed with planted silk and buffel grass. There is 7 paddocks of myall scrub country, some combined with buffel and Mitchell grass. ‘Westwood’ also offers purchasers the opportunity to plant and harvest oats and sorghum on 450 acres of cultivation.

Westwood’ has a country homestead of 5 bedrooms with air conditioning that has plenty of character. A fully self-contained donga which can accommodate for any workers or guests to ‘Westwood’. Other infrastructure on the property includes a machinery shed, workshop, cattle yards and weaning yards.


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